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Genialność jest wiązką darów silnie skupionych. [“Golem XIV”]
Гениальность – это узко сфокусированный пучок дарований. [“Голем XIV”]

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To już jest niegłupi cytat
Ale szerszy kontekst by się przydał.
Golem teaches us that there is very little difference between the Brain of Genius (H. Sapiens) and the Brain of Most Ordinary Human. And that’s because significant differences could come only as a result of massive mutations after either many generations or after Genetic Engineering (in both cases this cease to be a single specie).
But it’s better to be normal Human than “ingenous Chimpanzee”
The inspiration from F.Hoyle “Black Cloud” could be detected in GOLEM s Theory of the Universe Cognition.
And Lem although “conservatist” and most radicall oponent of Cyborgization was at the same Time proponent of Genetic Engineering aplied to Humans which “Golem” proves.
So “Kiss”.ING the subject that’s the Big difference between Musk and Lem.
And Musk is going to become “Garganzian” From “Ciberiad” whith his infamous project

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